Verstikland. ‘Holbrand’s Exile’. Collaboration with Jean de Wet

Character Illustration / Portrait

Collaboration with Jean de Wet | 2011 | Holbrand's Exile | Concept Illustration for Am I Collective's Experimental Project, Verstikland

Meet Verstikland’s main antagonist, Holbrand, a troubled vandal of a teenager.  This illustration took shape in collaborative style with Jean de Wet, an uber-talented artist working at Am I Collective.  The illustration began with a Jean’s concept, drawing and colour palate.  I then went on to paint the piece.

Verstikland is one of Am I Collective‘s  self-initiated, experimental projects.  Go and take a look at some more  saucy character interpretations of Holbrand and his equally delinquent friend, Vinger on their site.

1 comment
  1. Tan said:

    Oh my gosh are you KIDDING me!? You just get better every time! Am loving these skat, well done a gazillion times over xx

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