What’s Been Going On

So, I’ve been off the radar for over a year now so thought i should give a VERY brief summary of what’s been going on.

1. Worked as a gallery administrator and designer at SMAC Art Gallery in Stellenbosch with a team of hard-working, creative, passionate individuals (unfortunately didn’t get round to creating many illustrative works during this time).

Something cool that happened there: I got to design and be a part in the co-ordination of Sue Pam Grant’s exhibition catalogue, Fugitive Lines.

SMAC team with Sue Pam Grant at Fugitive Lines exhibition opening

Latest cool thing going on there: Jake Aikman’s solo Exhibition, Proximity.

2.  In March 2011 I started working at Am I Collective Illustration and Animation Studio in Cape Town with a different lot of creative, passionate individuals (here I get to be an illustrator all day long).

The Devil & Van Hunks mural in the Am I Collective Studio

Something cool that happened there (so far):  Have learnt to paint digitally.

Latest cool thing going on there: Launch of the absolutely awesome Illville Hotel.

3.  Moved to Cape Town with my hubby = happiness


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